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Vacation Fail

I know that much isn’t expected of me as far as posting anything to the Fucking Internets, other than my constant, rambling Twitterfeed. But, I really had high hopes for the past two weeks, seeing as how I was on fucking vacation.

For me, Vacation is an opportunity to work. Not going to my job, but actually sit down and create like a motherfucker. So, in this aspect my vacation was seriously lacking in anything to write home about.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Armand Charpentier

Everybody was sick, nobody died so that’s good.

I ran around like a geriatric serial-rapist with Charlie Sheen’s little black book. Lots of aspiration, but little follow through.

I made it into the pool two days of the fourteen that I should have.

I picked up my antique TV. It sits in my kitchen.

My antique bike sits in the basement.

I found the dog sitting in my closet.

The End.

PS Still haven’t gone to the movies.

So, I’m actually looking forward to going back to work. It seems that I actually got more Work done after work than I did when I had no work to keep me from Work.

Alright kids. Just wanted to say hi. See you next summer!


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