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IndieBound Reader! Buy Fucking E-books and Still Support Indie Bookstores!

IndieBound Reader! Buy Fucking E-books and Still Support Indie Bookstores!

Impossible, right?

Yeah, I thought so too, until I stumbled upon

First, let me get some stuff out into the open. I’m a fan of Barnes & Noble. I like it there. I like sitting and reading a book while I drink my coffee. I even buy books there. Partly because I am cash poor, buy lots of books and have a membership card that gets me 10% off, and more for new stuff.

Okay. I also support my local Indie Bookstores whenever I can. I love me some indie book stores, and indie record stores, etc. I usually get used books and cd’s at those places.

Recently, I have been thinking about epublishing. And what that means is that on some level I would have to support the idea of ebooks, and the loss to Brick and Mortar stores. I would become one of the people that don’t push open doors and smell the musty aroma of old books, or the fresh paper and ink of new books. And this makes me sad.

I like book stores. Almost as much as I like books. By which I mean the physical representations of books made out of things like paper.

Barnes and Noble will not vanish from this earth anytime soon. They have their nook. An e-reader that can be used to buy books online. But what of the indie bookstores? What do they have?

Motherfuckers, they have this…

The IndieBound Reader.  It’s an app available for Android and iOS devices that allows you to purchase ebooks from your local (participating) indie book store.

Here, they say stuff on their site better than I do on mine.

IndieBound is a community-oriented movement begun by the American Booksellers Association. It brings together booksellers, readers, indie retailers, local business alliances, and anyone else with a passionate belief that healthy local economies help communities thrive. Successful local, indie businesses help dollars, jobs, diversity, choice, and taxes stay local, creating strong, unique communities and happy citizens.

Independent bookstores have partnered with Google to sell Google eBooks™ because of its open and accessible platform, so indies can provide an easy way for their customers to discover, read, and buy ebooks at while supporting local business. The ebooks are sold directly through independent bookstore websites.

Well! Fantastic!

Some backstory:

I use the kindle app on my phone, but until recently I hadn’t actually bought any books to read. I stuck with the free stuff that is in public domain. You know, old shit. Luckily, I like old shit, and mostly used the app to read when I had some time to kill and didn’t have a paperback in my pocket.

Then came the Dresden Files series. I started reading those books, and got sucked in. I won’t review them now, but let’s just say that I like them. I’ve been buying two at a time at the book store.

I finished my latest book in the middle of the night and immediately began chewing on my left arm. So using my kindle app, I bought and downloaded the next book. Amazon dug that, but I felt a little bad for all the Brick and Mortar guys. I bought the next few at the store, and felt a little better about that.

Then I discovered, quite accidentally, the website, which is a community of indie bookstores and the people that love them. And then I saw a link on their site that said “Indies Sell Ebooks”. One clicky later, and I feel like the guy who discovered sliced bread (not the first guy, or the guy who invented it… just a guy who stumbled on it after nicking his fingers on bread knives for most of his life).

I downloaded the app to my phone, and found a local indie bookstore. And let it sit there.

Yesterday, I finished the other Dresden Files books. I was all caught up but for the last one “Ghost Story”. I could have gone to the Brick and Mortar for it. Instead, I went to my phone.

I bought the book.  I bought it from Literary Bookpost, an indie bookstore in Salisbury, NC (my closest indie bookstore does not yet participate). My money went to a local bookstore, my taxes went to the state and I got the book without leaving my house.

Well, I bought it at work, but you know what I mean.

The app is really nice. It works well, and seems to have more and better features than my kindle app. It works quickly, smoothly and I read Ghost Story in about 6 hours using it.

So yes! By all means, when possible buy ebooks from your local indie bookstore. Living in the future doesn’t always have to mean fucking over the past.

Now I’m waiting to buy music the same way.

Here’s the app links:

IndieBound Reader iOS

IndieBound Reader Android

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