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Terminal Signal

You know how I always start projects and never get around to doing anything with them? Well, this isn’t one of them. Yet.

Just in time for me to get laid off, I decided to start a daily podcast.

Yeah, I know. The guy who can’t post shit on a fucking monthly basis is going to do something daily?

Well, I did. We’re into (sort of) the third week of the Terminal Signal podcast. I do it Monday through Friday. It’s a simple format. Two songs and some little talk. It’s usually 7-10 minutes long, and posted in time for you to listen to it in the morning while you drink coffee or sit on the can with your iDevice or whatnot balanced on your left knee.

Check it out. If you are a iTunes user, leave a review and rate the fucker. I can use the boost.

The Podcast Home: Terminal Signal

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