The Fucking Internets | in this land some of us fuck more than/ we die but most of us die/ better than we fuck – Charles Bukowski

Fixations of Summer 2009

Every summer, I fall into  this bad habit of fixating on particular things between the months of June and August. I will now share them with you. Make them your fall fixations, perhaps.

Music: Mission of Burma, Southern Culture on the Skids, Rocket From the Crypt

Television: Warehouse 13, Being Human, Defying Gravity, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Farscape, Firefly

Books: Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, All “Enderverse” Books by Orson Scott Card-especially the Bean books (Ender’s Shadow, etc.), Warren Ellis’ “Crooked Little Vein’

Movies: This summer, I fucking failed at movies so bad, that Hollywood has sent fucking goons to break my fucking legs. Star Trek, District 9. End of pathetic list.

Internets: More failure here on my part. But aside from twitter, things I do regularly on the fucking internets include…

FreakAngels: Webcomic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield.

Fear and Loathing: a blog done up nicely by fangirl Elle Vee.

Shirt.Woot/Woot: Where I spend too much money on $10.00 t-shirts.

Hospitalization: Too much Hospital over the summer.  Kid’s grandmother was in a really bad way, but she’s on the mend now. Weeks in the hospital.  My kid’s mom’s boyfriend had minor brain surgery. That led to a stroke days later. He’s on the mend now, still in rehab/hospital care. Brother’s girlfriend had a baby very, very premature. 26 weeks. Still in hospital and she’s doing good.

So that’s what my fucking summer was all about. Feel free to use them all, but I would avoid the Hospitalization thing. That thing sucked ass.


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