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Gravity Defying Logic, WTF(ringe)? and Warehouse the 13th the Series?

I have not yet seen Episode 9 of “Defying Gravity”. There are two reasons for this. One reason is that ABC seems to not like the show very much. The other reason is that I just haven’t had time. Luckily, through the magic of the Fucking Internets, the episode “Eve Ate The Apple” is available.

You can watch it here on the Fucking Internets by Clicking this link: Defying Gravity 1.9 “Eve Ate The Apple”

So what the Fuck ABC?

Defying Gravity is a really well made, intelligent show. It was pitched to the network as “Gray’s Anatomy” in space. I don’t know from that, never having watched Gray’s Anatomy on Earth, but it seems to me that you’d want to fucking put it on a time slot that isn’t 10pm Sunday. Who fucking does that? ABC does that. The show appeared on the schedule mid-summer. Why not put it on in a time slot that you know your viewers may fucking watch it? How about like Thursdays at 9pm when Gray’s is going to be on? Then maybe change to 10pm after Gray’s starts?

If it wasn’t for fucking, I wouldn’t have caught the show at all.

Now, according to various sources, the show is cancelled, not cancelled, waiting for a schedule, not on the schedule… the show is Schrodinger’s Cat (which was referenced in episode 1.8 “Love, Honor, Obey”). It’s status on ABC is indeterminate.

Luckily, CTV has aired the 9th (and I believe will be airing the 10th) episode.

Again though, this is really, really good fucking TV, and despite some minor scientific flaws (though set 40 years from now, who can say whether or not the time lag in communicating millions of miles won’t be overcome) and a few iffy plot devices, it’s worth it I think for ABC to have put some more effort into helping develop an audience for the series.

Fringe returned the other night. Missed it on the network, so I had to watch that on Hulu too. After last season’s big Nimoy ending, I felt that the season premiere was mildly lacking. It was almost a reset to the status quo. Sure, I can argue that the big ending is now part of the ongoing mystery as Olivia tries to remember what she needs to remember, but it’s not that much different than trying to find it in the first place.

On the other hand, there were some really nice moments, including an auto accident on delay, a major character death (which still has me a little fucking confused-because the way I see it, it doesn’t fucking work – but whatever) and a nod to the X files, as a Senate committee makes mention about files labeled ‘X’ or ‘Fringe’.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this show is going. I was a reluctant viewer at first, but I’m well fucking hooked now.

Last point of the evening is about my fucking beloved Warehouse 13. I’ve been hearing a lot of comparisons to the late 1980’s “Friday the 13th: The Series”.

Yes, there are strong similarities. There’s the whole “spooky artifact of the week” thing going on. There’s the old guy, the young guy and the hot chick.

But Warehouse 13 just fucking kicks ass in places that Friday the 13th the Series couldn’t. We have more interesting artifacts, and a good bunch of them based in “Eureka” style science, as opposed to all just being “cursed”. And as the show has evolved, we have not only some great (and fucking cute) Warehouse help, we have a spooky boss who works for a mysterious shadowy group of spooky (and apparently easily spooked) bosses above her. We also now have a regular nemesis. Not to mention (not that it’s plot developing) the great bunch of other Syfy guest stars which I’m always happy to see.

And Col. Tigh has two eyes again. And he was fucking Great as Myka’s dad.

We only have one more episode to go in the first season. And I hope that we’ll see a second season soon. Like, January soon.

So fuck the comparisons, if they’re stopping you from watching the show. Watch the fucking show. Okay.

More TV later in the week. We have House and Heroes Monday night, the season Finale of Warehouse on Tuesday and at some point I hope to have some fucking time to watch the season Finale of Eureka.

Happy Watching, Fucking Internets.

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