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iTunes 8.21 Kills Palm Pre Sync

Yeah, we all knew it was coming. Apple must have been mighty pissed to find that the Palm Pre, which is the closest thing there is to an iPhone killer on the market, is recognized as an iPod by iTunes. So as of the most recent version of iTunes, they have killed that particular avenue of sync.


In my opinion, you betcher fucking ass.

I would think that Apple would want to make iTunes available to the competition, seeing as how they can still get revenue from the sales of music, podcasts, movies and tv shows from people who do not use an iPod or iPhone. Those people will now return to getting their music and shit the old fashioned way. For free. Apple could have also gained by striking some deal with Palm to make Pre apps available through iTunes.

Even though I do not yet have, or may never get, the Palm Pre, I haven’t ruled it out so I’ll be keeping my older version of iTunes just in case.


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