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17.Oct.2012 F*#KING Fucks: Either Fucking Swear, Or Don’t.

Before I start this little rant, a caveat: Fans of sci-fi shows like Battlestar Galactica and/or Farscape are excluded targets when using words like Frak, Frell or Feldercarb. I read an article on Blastr: “Newspaper frakkin’ bans use of frakkin’ word in place of (you know)”. In the article, it implies that Hearst is banning […]

16.Aug.2012 The Fucking Underwear Workforce

Living in the future, with the fucking internets at your fingertips, means never having to put on pants.

04.Mar.2012 Kickstart This! Lexicons of Dueling

My brother can use a sword. He’s also a smart guy and avid geek and gamer. He and some of his friends have come up with a card game called Lexicons of Dueling. It looks to be really cool, and they’re currently looking for some assist via KickStarter. So do yourself a favor. Go check […]

11.Feb.2012 Fucking iMac

Dear Bill Gates, I am sorry. I needed a new computer and decided to spend almost three times what I could have bought a decent PC for, and picked up an Apple iMac. Please take comfort in the knowledge that I still have an Xbox 360 and an Android phone. I know the Android thing […]

30.Jan.2011 Fucking Lame

Every week on the Not the Show podcast, Joe plugs this site. Every week, I let him, and sometimes there is a comment about how I don’t post on it very often. Like, almost never. I would say that of all the things I’ve posted on my blogs, eighty percent mention my lack of posting. […]