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23.Nov.2010 Fucking Apartment

So, I’ve moved again. I’ve finally got my own place. I’ve moved out of my mother’s house, which I was grateful to have been staying in while I started to get my shit together. No more dinner waiting when I get home, which is okay, because I now have an ample supply of frozen burritos […]

25.Oct.2010 Fucking Podcast

I’ve not posted on this site since the great Facebook Unfriending of 2010. That hasn’t been intentional. It’s just my thing, not posting for months at a time and starting new web projects that will also get ignored very quickly. I’m a slacker. What do you want? The latest web project I’ve been doing, however, […]

25.Aug.2010 Fucking Facebook Fallout

So, you may have read the last post about how I defriended someone on the facebook. This has had grave repercussions worldwide. The last weeks of summer 2010 will be known to future generations as “The Great Defriending”. I prefer, unfriending, but during this crisis, Webster’s added the word “defriend”. Okay, this was the most […]

21.Aug.2010 Fucking Facebook

I dropped a valued friend from Facebook last night. It kind of hurts, because again, this is a valued friend. An old friend. Someone I’ve known for years, through all sorts of shit. But, aside from the occasional comment on my ‘happy status posts’, like “Good luck!”, the only time I see this friend is […]

15.Jul.2010 Fucking Relocated

It’s true. I no longer reside in the Empire State. I no longer live in the scenic Hudson Valley. I no longer work for an oil company. I no longer use the word “fuck” in every sentence. It’s every other sentence now. I have moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. To prove this commitment to myself, […]