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02.Nov.2014 Fucking iPhone

I have gone the sheep route and got myself an iPhone.

Now, I won’t take that sheep thing lying down. Apparently the best way to take a sheep is standing up, behind it.

28.Sep.2012 Apple Should Stop Fucking Apologizing

From Apple CEO Tim Cook: To our customers, At Apple, we strive to make world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. With the launch of our new Maps last week, we fell short on this commitment. We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are […]

17.Mar.2012 IndieBound Reader! Buy Fucking E-books and Still Support Indie Bookstores!

IndieBound Reader! Buy Fucking E-books and Still Support Indie Bookstores! Impossible, right? Yeah, I thought so too, until I stumbled upon First, let me get some stuff out into the open. I’m a fan of Barnes & Noble. I like it there. I like sitting and reading a book while I drink my coffee. […]

10.Sep.2011 Fucking Spotify

I have me some serious geek-love for Spotify. Spotify is one of the damn numerous streaming internets radio things that allow you to stream music from the fucking internets. I’ve tried a few of them in my time, and still use most of them. I’ve my account, my Slacker Radio account, Pandora and I […]

18.Jul.2009 iTunes 8.21 Kills Palm Pre Sync

Yeah, we all knew it was coming. Apple must have been mighty pissed to find that the Palm Pre, which is the closest thing there is to an iPhone killer on the market, is recognized as an iPod by iTunes. So as of the most recent version of iTunes, they have killed that particular avenue […]