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06.Jan.2010 If I were The Doctor, Gary Coleman would be The Master

That’s Doctor Who references in the title, for you heathens. I got a desperate text message from dear friend and fellow twitterwhore @sleepjunky. @sleepjunky: Gary Coleman, down!!! Gary Coleman, DOWN!!!!!! Me: Gary Coleman Down? @sleepjunky: He’s in the hospital! He’s precarious!!! Me: No, he’s precocious! Oh! Wait! Oh noes! Gary Coleman has long been my […]

15.Oct.2009 History Lesson Part 1: An Interview With Jesus

While showing the kid what coding html was like back ten years ago, I came across an old post from my defunct living in infamy site. It was an Interview with Jesus, from his old site @ (now also defunct). There was this thing where you could actually chat with him! It was disturbing […]

06.Sep.2009 WTF, Budweiser?

If I see any of you on the street drinking this, I will slap the shit out of you with a shovel. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike