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10.Sep.2011 Fucking Spotify

I have me some serious geek-love for Spotify. Spotify is one of the damn numerous streaming internets radio things that allow you to stream music from the fucking internets. I’ve tried a few of them in my time, and still use most of them. I’ve my account, my Slacker Radio account, Pandora and I […]

15.Oct.2009 History Lesson Part 2: Once Was A Poet

Or something. A poet or something. Finding my old site on the wayback machine is really fucking with me. Because, once, I had to code each fucking page, post, etc. (well, actually by this time, I think I had snagged a copy of Office that had Front Page on it to make life easier, but […]

04.Sep.2009 I Did Something.

I have no excuses. Because every time I try to think of one, I come up short.  Not every moment of this fucking whackiness I call life is filled with chaos and nuttiness. Gotta say I’m just lazy. But that may be slightly unfair (and only slightly) because the whack does take it’s toll on […]