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24.Jan.2010 Fucking Internets T-Shirt: Fucking WiFi

Here’s another fucking t-shirt for you. The sexually innuendo laden “Fucking Internets” WiFi shirt. No it doesn’t light up when you’re in range of WiFi. It does have a nice pink signal enclosing a fleshy colored antenna. Not only is it available in all sorts of clothing styles, but also in all sorts of beverage […]

23.Jan.2010 Paul is Trying to Kill Me!

Yeah. I’m pimping t-shirts. The first t-shirt is “Paul is trying to Kill me!” Paul is a co-worker of mine at KOSCO. Paul is fuckin awesome. Mostly because he puts up with my shit. Poor Paul. I’ve threatened to do this to him for a while. And in case you’re wondering about me making money […]